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After Hours Care

Private 2nd & 3rd Shift Care for Pets!

  • 45 min
  • Service Rates Vary
  • Overnight Care/Walks/Wellness Checks

Service Description

We provide over night, in-home care by visiting your pets through the evening hours (6PM-6AM). During these visits we will take them for walks (and paw wipes upon return if under 6 mos), refresh their water and make sure they are hydrated, provide dinner/breakfast as instructed, For young pups we will change pee pads, wash and clean crate or gated area as necessary prior to your pup returning to that area. We also access health and wellness and any changes in behavior will be reported immediately to owner. Prior to leaving we always spend time with your baby. This service is a min of 45 min. and can also be tailored to you and your pet's needs. Please call for rates (based on number of visits through night and number of pets). We also provide wellness checks through the evening if, for some reason, you have unexpected delay)

Contact Details

+ (978)-935-6542

Bedford, MA, USA

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