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High Energy Walk, Run with Fun!

Geared For High-Energy Dogs!

  • 45 min
  • Service Rates Vary
  • Pick up at Customers/walk/run locally

Service Description

Private 30-45 minute walk and run so they can burn off energy! Helps reduce behavioral issues in the home: ie: Chewing and destruction within the home. Great service for puppies of all breeds! Private walks provided tailored to your dog's energy level and your requests for number of walks, whether daily or weekly. After all walks your pup's water if refresh, treat provided (if instructed) and updates to you. If walk is schedule during lunch/dinner hours we will feed your pup if instructed. We ask that all food, treats etc be easily accessible. Inquire within for rates.

Contact Details

+ (978)-935-6542

Bedford, MA, USA

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